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This project consists in blending elements of instrumental music with modern electronic production.

In this case, the underlining genre of the project was Juke music.
This genre originating from creative underground movements in Chicago, has recently reached an international audience, and has been labeled as a "Forward Thinking" genre.
Its characteristics include the infamous 808 drum kit, repetitive samples from various sources, and an energetic pulse of the low end. The genre's main attraction to the public eye came from the euphoric dance battles in the less privileged areas of Chicago. The dancers created their own style from this music, titled Footwork. This became an urban trend that helped kids get away from street vices and put their creative energy on a positive outlook.

What sets this project apart from others in the common genre is the integration of real musicians in each of the songs. Every musician comes from a different background, but share a similar passion for improvised music. From this defining aspect, the compositions focus more on creating a journey rather than just making a catchy hook common in pop music. With this in mind, every song exhibits unique character and it helps fuse the artistic voice of the instrumentalists with the electronic idiom.



released April 3, 2012

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Moduloktopus
Cover Art by Jose Gil

Special thanks to DJ Rashad, BLUM, Myss Ripley, Mario Castro, Craig Hill, Austin Stone, Dj Wheez-ie



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Moduloktopus Dominican Republic

|| Dominican Future Chameleon ||

All Soul Driven
No Fux Given

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